How to change an adult diaper for men & women

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Adult Diaper

Adult Diaper
The procedure of helping someone change an adult diaper for the very first time might be daunting to most. Your loved one may be returning home from the hospital or rehab center, or they may be dealing with incontinence issues on a daily basis. This guide on how to replace an adult diaper aims to make you feel more comfortable the next time you change your loved one’s diaper.


What supplies do I need to replace the adult diaper?

You will need the following:

  • Tab-style underwear – Absorbent underwear for incontinence, tab-style underwear opens on the sides. These are best used for: 
    1. Those who are bedridden or immobilized 
    2. Those with bowel incontinence or excessively heavy urination
  • Hygienic wet wipes – to clean, use extra-large adult hygienic wipes. These offer an effective and refreshing cleanse while shielding carers’ fingertips from leakage and are double the size of baby wipes. 
  • Gloves – offer extra cleanliness. Do not use latex gloves if the patient has latex allergies. 
  • Barrier or cleansing cream, if necessary. 


Step-by-step guide on changing the adult diapers

Remove the current incontinence diaper first before anything else. 

To begin with, place your loved one on a disposable underpad. These absorbent sheets will safeguard the furnishings in your home by soaking up any spilled liquid or mess throughout a diaper replacement.


Ensure that your loved one is lying on their back on the disposable underpad. 

Then, unfasten the taps on the front panel and pull the front panel down. Grab a hygienic adult wipe to clean any messes that may be left on the front of the body. 


Roll your loved one onto the side. 

To clean the behind of your loved one, use a fresh, sanitary wipe. You should also utilize a perineal cleanser for extra hygiene if your loved one has odour, sores, or excessive bowel leakage. With the sanitary wipes in, wrap the brief up and secure it using the lateral tabs. Before changing your loved one’s new diaper at this stage, slip on clean gloves if yours are dirty.


Putting on the brand new adult diaper. 

Put on some clean gloves if you’d like after washing your hands. Your loved one should be turned to the side. When slipping the adult brief under their legs, fold it lengthwise and ensure that the side with tabs remains in the rear.

To put on an adult brief, begin by spreading it across the back of your loved one. Then, gently roll them onto their back and position them on top of the rear panel. After that, lift up the front panel and place it over their stomach. Finally, tighten the tabs around their waist to secure the brief in place.

When using a brief with one tab on each end, position the tabs in the location you feel is the safest for your loved one. If the brief has two tabs, secure the bottom one first, and then pull the top tab down to an angled position. This will help ensure that the brief fits properly and reduces the risk of leakage.


How do I know if the adult diaper is the appropriate size?


Adult Diaper Underpad

The tabs of a properly sized adult diaper should sit in front of the hips.

The item is too tiny if the tabs rest back against the hips. Your loved one may experience pain and pinch from underwear that is too tiny. It’s too big if the tabs cover the belly. Larger diapers are more likely to have spaces where liquid can escape (typically, in the leg holes or up the back).

It is essential to measure your waist and hip measurements in inches to determine the proper size for tab-style briefs. Using the size charts we include with each and every product, just use the bigger of the two figures.


How frequently should the adult diapers be changed? 

How frequently your loved one urinates and the level of absorbency of the diaper you’re using will determine how frequently you should change their diaper. The majority of incontinence products should typically be replaced four to six times each day. Other helpful guidelines are:

  • The majority of tab-style briefs have an integrated moisture indicator. You should switch to a different product whenever that indicator’s colour changes.
  • To best support their health and well-being, you should switch their product as soon as your loved one has bowel activity.
  • If your loved one has leakage and is already wearing a high-absorbency product, you should probably replace diapers more frequently.

Regularly changing your loved one’s absorbent diapers is important to preserve their skin health, cleanliness, and comfort.


Do I need a barrier cream for diapers or not?

Skin Protection with Barrier Cream

Firstly, using a barrier cream is an excellent way to safeguard your loved one’s skin from the effects of incontinence. This creates a waterproof layer on the skin, protecting it from potential moisture-related harm. Additionally, it is a good idea to use diaper cream or a barrier cream as a preventive measure. Apply it every other time you change your loved one’s diaper to maintain healthy skin.

Furthermore, if your loved one experiences skin irritation, dryness, or itching in the perineal area, it is recommended to clean the area with a perineal cleanser and apply diaper cream at each turn. Periodic use of diaper cream may also help to keep the skin healthy.

In summary, a barrier cream can provide the skin with a waterproof layer to protect it from moisture, and it’s important to use diaper cream as a preventive measure. If your loved one experiences skin issues, it’s best to use a perineal cleanser and diaper cream at every change to maintain healthy skin.


Final words

If you’re trying to find the right pair of adult underpants in Singapore, then you should stick to adult underpants that are made from cotton or polyester. This is because this type of fabric tends to be more comfortable and provides better protection for your skin.

If you have any concerns about wearing adult underpants or you’re not sure whether they’re right for you, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor. However, trying them on is a good way to determine their suitability. This will help to make sure that they fit your body properly and don’t cause any problems.

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