Absorba Nateen Super Cloth Air (Adult Diaper Pants – 10 Pieces)

Absorba Nateen Soft Cloth air is an adult diaper with high absorbency. The Diaper has excellent odor control and an Ultra top layer to optimize comfort. If the line behind the diaper has vanished, users can self-check whether it is time to replace diapers.

Size Available:

Medium, Large, Xtra Large

Suitable for

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air=moderate heavy use

Moderate-heavy use

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-Suitable for both day and night

Suitable for both day and night

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-High protection and comfort

High protection and comfort

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-More affordable option

More affordable option


Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-Feature-1

Gentle to skin ingredients, including Aloe Vera

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-Feature-2

Maximum urine retention and enhanced absorbency with the dual-layer Absorbent Core

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-Feature-3

Cloth-Like Breathable Textile Backsheet – aerates the skin, reduces heat, increases comfort when used over long periods of time

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-Feature-4

Standing Waterproof Leak Guards – taller leak guards for optimum protection and to reduce urine leakage

Singapore-Absorba-Adult-Diaper-Nateen- Super-Cloth-Air-Feature-5

Stay Dry Strip Layer – absorbs moisture efficiently and locks it away for optimal freshness and comfort


Secure sealing and adjustability with velcro re-fastening tape