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Some of us will, at a certain stage, find ourselves or a loved one in need of a covert type of leakage protection, such as leak-proof diapers for adults. Wearing a leak-proof, natural material adult diaper or absorbent undergarment can boost confidence while going about regular activities with incontinence caused by childbirth, aging, surgery, or another medical condition.

For leaking of urine, feces, or blood associated with postpartum or menopause, people may choose to use an absorbent undergarment. Finding a solution that is comfortable, fits well beneath clothing, permits for mobility without leaking, and keeps the skin as fresh and dry as possible will contribute significantly to comfort and peace of mind.

Adult incontinence can occur to anybody and affects 200 million people worldwide. Due to the stigma associated with it, it may cause affected people to harbour negative feelings of embarrassment and anxiety. Most people who are affected by it will turn to the usage of adult diapers in Singapore.

However, what are the factors on selecting the best adult diaper out of the countless incontinence products in the market?

Common Types of Adult Diapers in Singapore

Adult diapers are classified into two types:

  • Pull-on style pants. This shape is a fantastic option if you want a less bulky absorbent undergarment that fits more like underwear.
  • Adult diapers. Caregivers or those with standing difficulties find it easier to put on diapers with tabs.  They’re also more fitting at the leg, which aids in leak prevention.

You’re not alone if you believe adult diapers are just for persons over the age of 65. Tab-style diapers or pull-ups are often promoted for hospital or assisted living settings, mainly as a help for older individuals.

These disposable garments, on the other hand, serve a role for individuals of all ages who require absorbent undergarments for disorders such as urine or bowel incontinence, or after delivery or procedures that create temporary incontinence difficulties.

Disposable Pull-Up Pants

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Disposable pull-up pants diapers are made of thin and cloth-like materials, and fit discreetly under your everyday clothings. They are the most suitable for users who require assistance with excretion or who are able to use the restroom alone. The advantages are that they offer a comfortable fit and are easily adjustable.

Thin and slim type diapers are advised for light to moderate usage as they only absorb one or two loads of urination. They are most suited to use during typical recreational activities because they ensure a lot more flexibility compared to other types of diapers in Singapore.

On the other hand, diapers meant for extensive usage can absorb four to five loads of urination. Application of the urine absorbent top sheet paired with the pants type diaper ensures diaper replacement is easier.

Daytime and Overnight Diapers

Overnight Diapers

Daytime adult diapers are similar to daytime baby diapers, designed to be worn during the day and changed more frequently. They typically have a smaller absorbency capacity than overnight adult diapers and are ideal for people with mild to moderate incontinence.

People with heavy incontinence who need to wear a diaper for an extended period of time can benefit from overnight adult diapers, which are specifically designed to be more absorbent and provide maximum protection and comfort. The design of these diapers also reduces leaks and prevents skin irritation caused by prolonged moisture exposure.


Reusable Diapers

The materials of reusable diapers are made from cloths of numerous absorbencies. They can be safely washed and dried with other clothings before wearing it again.

These reusable diapers are catered to users who:

  • Have sensitive skin
  • Are fairly mobile and independent
  • Have extremely light or mild urinary incontinence

Tape Diapers

Tape diapers fit snugly around the user’s abdomen, crotch and rear. They feature flexible tabs on both sides, ensuring a comfortable fit. These diapers are super absorbent and contain a thick core that wicks away moisture and odors.

Hence, they are most suitable for users who spend most of their time lying down or can assume a sitting position with assistance. These diapers can absorb three to four loads of urination. However, a urine absorbent pad can be utilized to supplement absorbency for superior absorbency. Using the urine absorbent pad with the tape diaper makes diaper replacement significantly easier and less expensive.

Swim Diapers

Other types of diapers in Singapore are more absorbent, but swim diapers are not meant to be. Their main objective is to effectively hold solid waste. They are made from a fabric that allows solid waste to stick to it. They are readily available in both reusable and disposable forms.

The exterior of these diapers is made of water-resistant, non-absorbent material and they are usually designed in such a way that does not allow water to enter the diaper at all. Swim diapers are specifically made suitable for swimming purposes and are not meant to be used as a regular diaper.

All-In-One Cloth Adult Diapers

All-in-one cloth adult diapers have numerous layers of absorbent materials between the outside layer and the inner lining. They make the outside of them with waterproof materials, such as nylon or plastic, and the inside lining, which is usually made of polyester, is designed to wick away moisture and keep the skin dry.

They can hold waste for longer periods of time, making them highly effective for up to 12 hours of outdoor activities or travel.

Choosing The Right Adult Diapers in Singapore

Right Fit

To select an adult diaper which best prevents leakages, you should choose an adult diaper based on your waist or hip, depending on which is bigger. This will aid in ensuring proper fit. Furthermore, diapers that allow for easy adjustment and align centrally will be more suitable for you. There are diapers with a stretchable waistband in the market as well.


Moisture trapped within the diaper, urine, and stool excreted usually cause rashes.


For ultimate comfort, you have to ensure that the size of the diaper is just right as it being too small will cause the diaper to be too tight while it being too loose will lead to leakages.To keep the skin cool, one should also air out the skin under the diaper.



Because frequent contact with moisture, such as urine and feces, can cause diaper rash and infection. Professionals recommend using adult diapers with a soft, breathable liner that tracks and wicks moisture away from the skin.


Higher quality diapers usually cost more, hence choosing the correct type of diaper that will sufficiently suit your needs will effectively help to save cost.

Be Careful to Avoid Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is something that almost everyone who wears absorbent underwear will suffer at some time. The good news is that there are methods to avoid it.

The first step is to change diapers every four to six hours, or whenever they get dirty. We are most concerned about pressure sores, skin irritation, infections, and painful diaper rash in individuals who are incontinent. As a result, limiting contact between wet diapers and skin is critical to avoiding pain and skin breakdown.

Another important factor in preventing diaper rash is maintaining good skin. Using soft, mild soaps such as Dove, or just running warm water over the region and patting it dry. Moisture on the skin can serve as a breeding ground for yeast and germs. Using a barrier, such as a diaper rash ointment containing zinc oxide, can also help to avoid skin irritation.

How to Treat Diaper Rash with Home Remedies

You can treat a moderate diaper rash at home with over-the-counter medication in most cases.

Desitin and antifungal creams (used to treat yeast infections) are useful for curing diaper rash. Zinc oxide-containing products such as Desitin can effectively treat rashes.

However, we recommend changing diapers regularly, always changing them when there is feces, and using an antifungal powder to keep things dry and prevent fungal infections.

Mild itching is usual with diaper rashes, but if it does not improve, some patients will scratch themselves to the point of infection, causing a damage to the skin barrier.

What if my Diaper Rash Persists?

You can treat most diaper rashes at home. Nevertheless, if there is a skin breakdown, we advise seeing a doctor. Skin breakdown symptoms include persistent redness, rough spots, seeping, bleeding, or sores.

Other symptoms that need a visit to the doctor include:

  • A rash that intensifies or does not go away after three days
  • Rashes that are bleeding or leaking
  • A rash that produces discomfort or burning a fever, defined as a temperature of 99 to 99.5°F (37.2-37.5°C) in an adult


When purchasing adult diapers in Singapore, patience is essential. It may take some trial and error to locate a diaper that fits and performs as expected. It is very important to choose the right type of diaper that is most suitable to your needs for the  most comfortable and snug fit. With such a wide variety of diaper brands in Singapore, it might not be an easy feat.

At Absorba Diaper, we are the leading adult diaper distributor in Singapore with a wide selection of eco-friendly and ultra soft diaper brands catered to your every need. We can help you or your loved ones overcome incontinence together and live your life to the fullest!