Most people feel embarrassed when the topic of adult diapers is brought up. As a result, some of them might not know how to choose the best one. Whether it is for themselves or their loved ones, urinary incontinence can impact one’s lifestyle drastically, and adult diapers can help to alleviate a large part of that inconvenience.

Even though urinary incontinence is a condition that can be faced by adults of every age, elderly people are the largest group that suffer from it. They might not know how to pick the most suitable adult diaper for themselves – the varying colors, styles and prices can leave them lost for choice.

In this article, we share a few essential tips on how to select the best adult diapers.

Condition of Leakage

To begin, the first thing you need to check is the amount of leakage occurrence that the individual deals with on a daily basis. In cases of mild urinary incontinence, the individual can use an insert pad with incontinence pants for extra protection.

However, for those who are struggling with getting to the toilet by themselves, unable to control their bladder or have fecal incontinence, an adult diaper is a must to prevent their clothes and bedding from being soiled.

Absorbency of Adult Diaper

As mentioned above, mild incontinence can be tackled with an incontinence pad and pants. However, if the condition of leakage is slightly heavier, adult pull ups can be helpful. These adult pull ups are absorbent underpants that can absorb more liquid from urinary incontinence as compared to using just pads.

If the leakage is more severe and the individual faces complete bladder loss or fecal incontinence, then adult briefs are the ones to go for. These are heavier duty and come in varying levels for absorbency.

Size of Adult Diaper

Another tip for choosing the best adult diapers is to pick one that fits true to size. An adult diaper that is too small will feel tight and not have enough coverage. On the other hand, an adult diaper that is too big will leave gaps when worn, and cause leakage.

To figure out what size fits the individual wearing it, simply measure his or her waist size. Then, refer to the measurement charts provided by the brands (these are usually found on the product packaging, if not online).

Material of Adult Diaper

Next, the material of the diaper matters. Some adult diapers come with plastic backings which offer stronger protection from leakage.

However, these adult diapers can feel a little bulkier than the average, thus some users prefer non-plastic backed ones instead. These are more breathable with higher air circulation and less possibility of skin rashes. However, these are less resistant to leakages.

Cost of Different Adult Diapers

Last but not least, considering the cost can play a key factor in choosing the best adult diapers as well. While it should not be the prioritized factor, it can determine your budget before you make the purchase. Expensive adult diapers do not mean that they are the best suited for you; likewise, cheaper adult diapers can be good in quality as well.

Depending on the condition, absorbency, size and material, make sure to calculate the budget and see what works best for you. You can also purchase them in bulk so as to leverage on the cost savings that they can offer.

Concluding Words

Before heading down to purchase, make sure that you do a quick market research on the brands available, and whether they meet your needs. Always ensure that you have a good supply of adult diapers ready at home – you never know when you will need one, or when you run out of them.

Adult diapers help to reduce inconvenience for those who deal with urinary incontinence, and also gives them some freedom and confidence to take care of themselves. If you have any queries regarding what type of adult diapers suits best, hop on for a quick chat with us and we’ll take you through!