Best Wet Wipes

The invention of wet wipes has drastically improved and changed the way people maintain their hygiene and cleanliness without taking a bath. Generally speaking, wet wipes (or commonly known as baby wipes) are gentle for cleaning the skin without triggering any skin reactions. The purpose of body wipes is to remove dirt, sweat, and undesirable odors from the skin, and they are often confused with wet wipes.

Choosing the best wet wipes for yourself and your loved ones goes beyond its price. We want to get the most value out of our purchase. In this article, we outline a few key pointers that can help you to select the best wipes easily.

Clean packaging to prevent used wipes from dirtying new wipes

Best Wet Wipes

Good packaging should come with an air-tight, resealable cover or adhesive so that the new wipes left in the pack do not try out or become contaminated for use. Products without the resealable tab would mean that you have to use all the adult wipes in a single shot, or leave them in the pack losing its moisture.

pH range of 4.5 to 5.5

To match the natural pH level of our skin, the best wipes that are gentle and skin-friendly should fall between the pH range of 4.5 to 5.5. This will drastically prevent your skin from getting rashes or any other irritations.

Larger pieces of wet wipes to suit adults’ size

As compared to tissue paper, wet wipes for adults (or even babies) should generally be larger in size and surface area. This helps to ensure that we will not overuse too many pieces of adult wipes in one shot, and keeps the cleaning and packing easy. The size also helps to cover more surface area of the skin, so this can be a comprehensive hygiene solution that is cost-friendly as well.

Flushability of wet wipes

Wet wipe flushability caution

Next, you can consider flushability as an important factor in deciding if they are suitable for use. Some brands tend to claim that their adult wipes are biodegradable and flushable, and will not choke the toilet bowls. However, it is pretty difficult to verify whether these claims are true, and most plumbers mention that wet wipes have a high tendency of causing clogs in toilet bowls as compared to our usual toilet paper.

That being said, flushable adult wipes might not be safe to use for all sewage systems. Make sure that the wet wipes you are purchasing are not making any unverified claim. At the same time, you can avoid flushing down them down the toilet bowl as much as possible.

Scent and ingredients of wet wipes

wipes ingredients

Just like when we purchase food, before you purchase any wet wipe, make sure to check the ingredients list. Ensure that the ingredients written on the packaging are safe and sensitive to the skin. Try to avoid adult wipes that list alcohols, fragrances and propylene glycol in their list, although most brands do include them in their ingredients list. It is alright to use these if you can also test using them before purchasing them in bulk.

Concluding words

Wet wipes for adults are naturally a safe and useful product to carry around to maintain hygiene and cleanliness routines. They come in handy especially when caring for the elderly. By checking a few of the factors we have listed above, you can make a more well-informed decision when you purchase your next pack of wipes.

Nateen Wet Wipes

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