Wet Wipes in Singapore
Wet Wipes in Singapore

Growing up in a household in Singapore, wet wipes are considered an integral part of life. The whole family consumes them, from the tiny to the big ones. We use them for all purposes – cleaning, facial cleanser, anti-bacterial wipe to clean hands after eating or doing the dishes.

Many people use them to remove paint from their hands or as ingredients in cosmetics and soaps.

There are different types of wet wipes available in the market. You can choose from baby wipes, toilet paper, facial cleaner, anti-bacterial wipe among many others. It is very important to choose the right type of wet wipes you need for your own purpose or for your kids.

Let’s take a look at the different types of wet wipes in Singapore below:


Overview of Wet Wipes Types in Singapore

1) Baby Wipes


Baby Wipes

Manufacturers make these from cotton material, with various sizes and shapes available. They are great for cleansing baby’s bottom after diapers change or at bedtime before sleep. Adults also use these scented, soft fabric baby wipes.

Once you use them, they won’t leave any odour in the bathroom or in worn clothes. During pregnancy, you can use baby wipes to clean your hands and face before leaving home or going to work. If you’re going to use them and you’re allergic to perfumes, don’t worry because the fragrance is not too strong and won’t cause any reaction.

It’s also common that most baby wipes are suitable for sensitive skin and skin-related problems or rashes. You can use baby wipes to remove dirt from your toddler’s hands and nails after bathing by wiping their hands and gently wiping it off with a soft towel.


2) Aloe Vera Infused Wipes


Aloe Vera Infused Wipes

Aloe Vera infused wipes are great for the skin. The manufacturer makes them with aloe vera, which is good for the skin and can reduce acne scars. These moist wipes will cleanse your face, hands and other sensitive areas.

You can use them as a facial cleanser to remove dirt from your face after washing with soap or shower gel as they are very gentle on the skin. Despite being made with aloe vera, they are not sticky at all.


3) Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Marketers market these wipes as antibacterial or antifungal wipes made with naturally derived ingredients. Your skin will be left clean and healthy after using them. They are suitable for regular use to remove dirt from hands, face, feet and other sensitive areas.

Some wipes may contain alcohol, which kills harmful bacteria or spores. The alcohol in them evaporates and leaves your skin clean and healthy after using it. There are other wipes which do not contain alcohol to eliminate any bacteria that may be present.


4) Facial Cleanser Wipes


Facial Cleanser Wipes

These wipes are made from special material, usually soft cotton-like fabric which can be used for many purposes aside from cleansing hands and your face. These wipes are good for removing makeup, dirt off the facial skin after washing it with soap or shower gel. They are also great for removing makeup residue on the fingers after applying makeup, especially eye make up remover.

Facial cleanser wipes are gentle on the skin and don’t feel sticky at all. They are mild to use but will leave your skin clean and healthy. Most of these wipes are also pH neutral, which means they are suitable for sensitive skin. This means that you won’t have to worry about burning your skin after using it on your face.


5) Fragrance-free Wipes

You can use these wipes for any purpose and they don’t contain any fragrance. This type of wipes are for sensitive skin and people who have allergies to perfumes or strong scents. You can use them for many purposes aside from cleansing your hands and face. These wipes are very soft and gentle on the skin.

If you are cleaning branded goods such as luxury bags, shoes, clothes or even furniture you can use the wipes to clean them. They are great for removing stains on fabrics and cleaning cars, while leaving no fragrance and retaining the original smell of the items.


6) Plant-based Wipes

Plant-based wipes are eco-friendly as they are made from natural ingredients such as cotton, linen or similar materials. These are great for sensitive skin and people who have allergies to perfumes or strong scents. They are also great for removing makeup when you are in a hurry, so you won’t have to purchase makeup wipes.

However, if you have babies or young children at home, we would advise that you don’t use these wipes for them as they can cause irritation if their skin is sensitive or has allergies to plant-based ingredients.


7) Sensitive Wipes

These are exactly what they say – they are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are hypoallergenic, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free (except for essential oils). This wipes is great for people with sensitive skin, allergies to perfumes or strong scents. It is also great if you have babies or young children at home as these wipes won’t cause irritation on your kids’ skin.



In conclusion, these are some of the different types of wet wipes available in Singapore. You can choose the right type for you or your kids depending on your requirements and use cases. They are very affordable and quite easy to find in all supermarkets around Singapore. With our humid and tropical climate, it’s important that you always have some wet wipes on hand. You can buy them online or simply walk down to your nearest supermarket to get them.

Finding wet wipes in Singapore is easy. It is important to remember that wet wipes are useful for everyone, so stocking up on different types for your family and various uses will help you stay prepared.

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