What are the 4 types of palliative care?

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What are the 4 Types of Palliative Care?

palliative care singapore
Palliative care can be provided at home, in nursing homes, hospices, specialist clinics, and general and community hospitals, catering to every patient’s needs. Services provided include home care, daycare, inpatient care, and consultative services.

Areas where palliative care can help

Palliative treatments vary widely and often include, Medication, Nutritional changes, Relaxation techniques, Emotional and spiritual support, Support for children or family caregivers

Further explains the several different types of palliative care and how they can help.


You could find it hard to talk with your friends and family or guardians about how you feel or what you are going through. Or on the other hand, you could require a care group or a ride to and from treatment. A social specialist can assist with these circumstances. For instance, they can:

  1. Help you plan a family meeting
  2. Suggest ways to organize people who want to help
  3. Help you find medical information, rides, or services

A social specialist can likewise give palliative consideration to relatives and guardians. For instance, assuming they feel overpowered, the social laborer can assist them with sorting out what sort of help they need and track down it.


Having a disease can cause you to feel various feelings, like pity, nervousness, or outrage. It can likewise make you extremely focused. A care group, guide, clinician, or another expert can help you comprehend and adapt to these feelings.

To find help, talk with your medical care group about how you feel. You can likewise track down ways of adapting to feelings.


Having a disease can raise numerous profound inquiries. You could battle to comprehend the reason why you got the disease. Or on the other hand, you could need a more noteworthy reason after enduring malignant growth.

In the event that you have a place with a confident local area like a congregation, temple, or another gathering, your profound chief or local area individuals could possibly assist with supporting you profoundly. An emergency clinic minister can likewise offer profound help, regardless of whether you are strict. Clerics work with individuals of all religions and people who don’t have particular confidence. Study otherworldly help.


Malignant growth side effects, medicines, and drugs can all influence how your brain functions. For instance, on the off chance that you are not dozing enough, you could feel worried and struggle with thinking plainly. Or on the other hand, you may be exceptionally restless about whether your treatment is working.

Palliative consideration for emotional wellness incorporates workout, advising, contemplation, and potentially drug to assist with tension, discouragement, or rest issues. A guide, support bunch pioneer, or therapist could propose that you do exercises that assist you with decreasing pressure and tension, like yoga, making workmanship, joining a gathering of other disease survivors, or chipping in for a purpose you see as significant.


Malignant growth treatment can be costly. This may be a reason for pressure and nervousness for yourself as well as your loved ones. Notwithstanding therapy costs, you could find that you have other additional costs, for example, the expense of heading out to a disease place for care.

Talk with your health care team about any financial concerns. A social worker or financial counselor can provide palliative care for these concerns. For example, they might:

  1. Help you talk with your health care team about the cost of care
  2. Explain billing and insurance, or find someone who can do this
  3. Help you apply for medical leave or disability payments
  4. Find programs that provide free or low-cost medicines
  5. Learn more about managing financial considerations.


Physical results of disease and its treatment rely upon a few elements. These incorporate your kind of malignant growth, its stage, the treatment, and your overall well-being. Actual secondary effects can include:

  1. Pain
  2. Fatigue (being very tired)
  3. Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite
  4. Breathing problems, such as being short of breath
  5. Sleep problems

Palliative consideration for actual incidental effects could incorporate enemy of queasiness drugs, exercise-based recuperation, or help with sustenance. You could see a palliative consideration subject expert, rest trained professional, torment trained professional, or one more expert to assist with actual incidental effects.

Palliative care after cancer treatment

Here and there, actual incidental effects can endure after treatment closes. Specialists call these “late impacts” assuming they occur or keep going for months or years after treatment.

Palliative consideration experts can assist with treating late impacts. This is a significant piece of survivorship care. Look into long-haul symptoms of malignant growth treatment. Inquire whether your treatment is probably going to bring about any late impacts.

For children

As your kid plans to begin disease treatment, you could stress over treatment-related incidental effects. Be that as it may, palliative consideration is likewise accessible for kids. It is a significant piece of your youngster’s treatment plan, no matter what their age or the phase of infection.

Converse with the medical care group before your kid begins disease therapy. Get some information about the conceivable symptoms of treatment and palliative consideration choices. Tell the medical care group in the event that your kid makes new side impacts or changes in after effects so the group can treat them rapidly.

For caregivers and children

Palliative care consideration isn’t just for the individual with malignant growth. It can likewise incorporate help for parental figures and the offspring of individuals with malignant growth.

Friends and family frequently give significant physical, pragmatic, and everyday reassurance to the individual with malignant growth. Guardians can likewise encounter pressure, uneasiness, despondency, and disappointment. Palliative consideration can assist guardians with adjusting and giving consideration while likewise working on their personal satisfaction.

In the event that you are a parent with malignant growth, you might require additional help from others for your kids. This could incorporate after-school care or help with making their feasts. Dealing with your own well-being assists you with being a decent parental figure.

Your medical services group or a social specialist can assist you with tracking down palliative considerations for guardians and other relatives.

For older adults

Palliative consideration can be particularly significant assuming you are 65 or more established. More established grown-ups can make more actual side impacts, particularly from chemotherapy. Also, your body probably won’t recuperate as fast from a medical procedure as before. You may likewise be worried about the accompanying:

  1. Will treatment affect my ability to live on my own?
  2. Will treatment affect my memory?
  3. How will cancer treatment affect my overall quality of life?

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