Absorba Nateen Underpad (10 Pads)

The ABSORBA Nateen Soft XL Underpad promotes quick absorption and improved dryness, giving both the user and caregiver piece of mind. Lay it on the bed or sofa to absorb leaks, keep things dry, and keep odors at bay.

Size Available:

75cm x 75cm



Core with Super Absorbent Polymer for Superior Absorbency ( SAP-Gel )

Absorba-Singapore-Adult-Diaper-Absorba-Underpad-feature 2

Non-allergenic and free of fragrance and chlorine


Better Fluid Circulation using Textured Channels


Ultra-dry top layer

Absorba-Singapore-Adult-Diaper-Absorba-Underpad-feature 5

Non-woven top sheet is soft and hypoallergenic