Product: Absorba Nateen Plus (Adult Diapers – 10 Pieces)

Absorba Nateen Plus Adult Diapers feature aloe vera gel and leakage protection to provide top-quality comfort.

Size Available:

Medium, Large

Suitable for

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Feature-moderate-use

Moderate use

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Mixed incontinence

Suitable for mixed and urge incontinence

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Breathable backsheet

Breathable backsheet

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Feature-Thicker-padding-for-peace-of-mind

Thicker padding for peace of mind



Gentle to skin ingredients, including Aloe Vera

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Feature-2

Maximum urine retention and enhanced absorbency with the dual-layer Absorbent Core

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Feature3

Cloth-Like Breathable Textile Backsheet – aerates the skin, reduces heat, increases comfort when used over long periods of time

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Feature-4

Standing Waterproof Leak Guards – taller leak guards for optimum protection and to reduce urine leakage

Absorba-Nateen Plus-Singapore-Absorba-Diaper-Feature-5

Stay Dry Strip Layer – absorbs moisture efficiently and locks it away for optimal freshness and comfort


Secure sealing and adjustability with velcro re-fastening tape